Arkham Horror LCG: Jacqueline Fine Investigator Starter Deck

Arkham Horror LCG: Jacqueline Fine Investigator Starter Deck

  • R 290.00
  • Save R 60

Why the change in pre-orders?
The knock on effects of COVID-19 has made it impossible to forecast any accurate selling price. Below are some of the factors:
ƒ?› Shutting down the boarders and airports means very little flights into the country, and those that are coming in are at a very high price rate.
ƒ?› The ocean ports are heavily congested, meaning that ships are bypassing South Africa, adding even more cost to get the stock to the country.
ƒ?› The change in the rate of exchange is too unstable to work on. What is quoted today, will be very different tomorrow.
ƒ?› Manufacturers overseas are struggling with COVID-19, shortages in workforce, shortages in RAW materials ect. These will cause the $ price of products to increase.
ƒ?› The above has caused our local suppliers to not provide us with cost prices on any pre-orders. Any price that we could give, would be a guess at best.

Apart from the price, the releases dates of products are constantly been moved out as cause from COVID-19 affecting our country and or the manufactures country.

However, pre-orders are still vitality important to our business and our suppliers as it helps us gauge interest in the product and what quantity to pre-order with our suppliers.
We can not expect you, our valued clients, to pay full price for a pre-order, to be out of pocket for so long and then still be expected to pay in because of factors that we can not control.

We have therefor come up with the following procedure.

How do pre-orders work at Sword And Board.
ƒ?› Pre-orders with Sword and Board are set at R100 and R10 for boosters type products.
ƒ?› By placing and paying for your pre-order with us, we can ensure that when the product is released, that there is stock to fulfill your order.
ƒ?› When the product releases, your R100 will be deducted from the total and a invoiced emailed to you.
ƒ?› Once payment has been received, we will make contact with you to make the delivery / collection arrangements.

All pre-orders will still have the pre-order discount and our pricing will still be highly competitive as you would expect from Sword and Board.
If you want to know what the estimate cost of a item is before pre-ordering, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to give you a more or less price.