Zombicide: Green Horde: Fatty Bursters

Zombicide: Green Horde: Fatty Bursters

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Description from the publisher:

A set of 4 Kickstarter Exclusive explosive zombies, as well as an extra set of spawn cards for them. Available only during Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter campaign.

Fatty Bursters are a terrifying version of standard Fatties. While they don't benefit from standard Fatty extra activation cards, any Fatty Burster spawn card that is drawn gives an extra activation to any Fatty Bursters on the board, before spawning a single new Fatty Burster.

But, of course, the most notable thing about them is the fact they are always about to explode with devastating consequences! Whenever it enters a Survivor's Zone, or if a crazy Survivor ends up in its Zone, or if it is destroyed by an attack, the Fatty Burster explodes instantly, dealing 2 automatic damage to ALL actors in the Zone (Survivors and Zombies alike). That means that while a Fatty Burster can wipe out an entire party of careless Survivors, they may also be used by cunning players to blow up an entire mob of zombies!