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Blood Bowl: Nurgle Pitch Information

Blood Bowl is the original game of fantasy football in which players participate in hyper-violent matches, to win each team must try to score more touchdowns than their opponent. However, most players are more focused on bludgeoning their rivals in any way they can in order to incapacitate, maim or even kill them! After all, if a player happens to break their neck, there is one less player standing in the way of victory.

Blood Bowl pitches are found a variety of surfaces, most of which match the home teams race. From muddy bone scattered fields of the Orks to the uncracked Astrogranite of the Humans and even the subterranean Warpstone strewn caverns of the Skaven. Each has its own feel and unique challenges to the players, but whoever said Blood Bowl was easy?

The Blood Bowl Nurgle Pitch is a perfect addition to any Blood Bowl players collection. This pitch is double-sided, featuring a Garden of Nurgle on either side in 2 different states of decay, dimensions match that of the standard Blood Bowl pitch and rules are included for different pitch conditions. It is ideal for anyone looking to run multiple matches at once for tournament or league play, or if you would like some variety in your games.

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One double-sided Blood Bowl: Nurgle supplied.